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Our services

Pyjama's services

Do you need help with your animation production? Pyjama has plenty of expertise in all stages of 2D animation production.

In all animation productions, our priorities are good communication, a well-organized and systematic way of working and, of course, stories and animations executed with skill and vision. Our strengths include developing and refining scripts and stories, versatile visual design, and high-quality animation and composition.

Our clientele includes: Rovio Entertainment, Sony Music, Gigglebug Entertainment and Walt Disney Company Nordic. Check out our previous work in our portfolio.

Our services include:

  • directing
  • scriptwriting
  • storyboard and animatic
  • visual design, concept art and illustrations
  • traditional animation (e.g. Toon Boom Harmony, TVPaint)
  • Rigging and cutout animation (e.g. After Effects and Toon Boom Harmony)
  • layout and backgrounds
  • compositing
  • video editing
  • production planning and project management

In addition to hands-on work, we are happy to offer consulting in all matters related to 2D animation production. Get in touch!

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