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The Paddle Boat

The Paddle Boat Short animation


A man loses his family to his own foolishness and drifts through humankind’s mistakes.

Samppa Kukkonen, Director:

The Paddle Boat is a 15-minute animated adventure comedy about fatherhood and climate change. The film addresses the turmoil of big changes of varying scales: the impact that climate change has on life on Earth and the impact of fatherhood on a man’s lifestyle. Adapting and accepting responsibility aren’t easy in either case.


The Paddle Boat

Script and direction: Samppa Kukkonen
Producer: Inari Halme, Terhi Väänänen, Pyjama Films Ltd

Duration: 15 min
Language: Finnish
World premiere: 2023

Buyer: YLE Teema, Uusi Kino
Funded by: YLE, Suomen elokuvasäätiö, AVEK, Taike, Turun kaupunki