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Still lives

Still lives trailer


Still lives is Elli Vuorinen’s experimental stop motion animation.

Still Lives is an experimental stop motion animation starring traditional figurines from folk art from various times and places. Accompanied by a soundtrack of narrators facing the pressures of modern life, the characters explore the theme of busy stillness from different points of view in seven separate scenes.

Director Elli Vuorinen:

Today, people are constantly busy. At the same time, we have never been as still: sitting down while working, while travelling, even when exercising at the gym. This contrast is the basic concept of Still Lives. I wanted to create a film with characters that stay quite still even while being mentally tossed around by the modern world.


Still lives

Scriptwriter, Director, Visual designer & Animator: Elli Vuorinen​
Music, Sound Design & Post Production: Jani Lehto​
Voice Actors: Yukako Sakai, Dante Mutashar, David Aubin, Xavier​
Richerd, Coralie Nguyen Phuc, Wilson Nuckols, Sirkka Lukka
Line producers: Vilhelmiina Saine, Inari Halme
Producer: Terhi Väänänen, Pyjama Films​ Ltd

Duration: 6 min
Language: Japanese, Arabic, German, French, English and Finnish​
World Premiere: 24th March 2019, Cine Court Anime Roanne Animation Short Film Festival 2019, France

Commissioner: Yle Finnish Broadcasting Company
Funders: YLE, Finnish Film Foundation, AVEK, Taike


Official Selections

  • 3D Wire 2019, Spain
  • Amarcort Film Festival 2019, Italy
  • Anilogue International Animation Festival 2019, Hungary
  • ANIMAGE International Animation Festival of Pernambuco 2019, Brazil
  • ANIMATEKA 2019, Slovenia
  • Animation Block Party 2019, USA
  • BF Artist Film Festival 2019, United Kingdom
  • Bolton Film Festival 2019, Iso-Britannia
  • Bronx World Film Festival 2020, USA
  • Cairo Video Festival 2019, Egypt
  • Cinanima Festival 2019, Portugal
  • Cine Court Anime Roanne Animation Short Film Festival 2019, France
  • Crossing the Screen – Eastbourne International Film Festival 2019, United Kingdom
  • Craft International Animation Festival 2019, Indonesia
  • Dias de Animacíon en La Habana III 2019, Cuba
  • DokumentART 2019, German
  • Dot dot dot Open Air Short Film Festival 2019, Austria
  • ÉCU The European Independent Film Festival 2019, France
  • Fantoche International Festival of Animation Film 2019, Switzerland
  • Fest Anca 2019, Slovakia
  • Festival des Instants Vidéo 2019, France
  • Festival Norpas 2019, Finland
  • Filmfest Dresden 2019, German
  • Finno-Ugric Film Festival 2019, Estonia
  • Flatpack Festival 2019, United Kingdom
  • Fredrikstad Animation Festival 2019, Norway
  • Grafixx 2019, Belgium
  • International Animated Movies Festival Animocje 2019, Poland
  • Ismailia International Film Festival 2019, Egypt
  • KABOOM Animation Festival 2019, Netherlands
  • Kerry Film Festival 2019, Ireland
  • Krok 2019, Russia
  • Leeds Intl Film Festival 2019, United Kingdom
  • Linea d’Ombra 2019, Italy
  • LISFE Leiden International Short Film Experience 2019, Holland
  • Mecal Pro, Barcelona International Short and Animation Film Festival 2019, Spain
  • Milano Film Festival 2019, Italy
  • Minimalen Short Film Festival 2020, Norway
  • New Chitose Airport International Animation Festival 2019, Japan
  • Nordisk Panorama 2019, Sweden
  • VIS Vienna Shorts 2019, Austria
  • Porto Femme 2019, Portugal
  • PÖFF Shorts 2019, Estonia
  • Helsinki International Film Festival 2019, Finland
  • Reykjavik International Film Festival 2019, Iceland
  • RGB Balkan Arts Festival and Short Film Breaks 2019, Romania
  • Riga IFF 2019, Latvia
  • Sedicicorco International Film Festival 2019, Italy
  • Sidewalk Film Festival 2019, USA
  • Thessaloniki Animation Festival 2019, Greece
  • Turku Animated Film Festival 2019, Finland
  • Videomedeja 2019, Serbia


  • Special Mention for Stop Motion Animation in the International Competition – Craft International Animation Festival 2019, Indonesia
  • Golden Gunnar Grand Prix – Fredrikstad Animation Festival 2019, Norway
  • Special Mention – Turku Animated Film Festival 2019, Finland