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Pyjama Films Ltd | Animation Studio

About Pyjama

Pyjama Films is a story-driven animation studio that creates smart and playful animated contents with one-of-a-kind visuals and stellar quality!

Pyjama projects

Planet Z

The animated TV series (27 x 7 min) for 6-8-year-olds explores the weird and wonderful creatures of  Planet  Z and the unexpected ways they survive in their extraordinary environment. The series is inspired by nature documentaries and based on Maria Björklund’s comics. The show’s pilot episode is currently in production.

Sore Eyes for Infinity

Sore Eyes for Infinity is director Elli Vuorinen‘s animated short film about an optician who grows tired of seeing the world too clearly. The short is now in production and it will be ready in August 2016. Premiere at Turku Animated Film Festival.

Sore Eyes -teaser Watch Sore Eyes for Infinity teaser

Pyjama services

As experienced storytellers and moving image professionals we take special pride in ensuring that your message gets delivered. We produce quality commissioned works with polished animation and visuals, as well as custom made music and sound design. Pyjama services include animated commercials, sequences and effects for all kinds of projects. Contact us for more information!

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