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Pyjama Films is an up-and-coming 2D animation studio and production company hailing from the coastal city of Turku, Finland.

We are a dynamic team of animation professionals brought together by the common goal of pushing and breaking the boundaries of storytelling. Our productions are largely creator-driven and our priority is always to create animated content that’s bold, fun, edgy and insightful, for kids and adults alike.

We want to create works with the highest artistic quality while maintaining a work environment built on trust, transparency and good communication. We encourage a healthy work-life balance, as it’s quite obviously the only way a creative studio can flourish.

Pyjama is an inclusive workplace and we welcome all applicants regardless of their gender, sexuality, age, ethnicity, religion or other background.

We're currently looking for

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If none of the positions above feel like a right fit for you, please leave an open application using the form below! We’re constantly looking for animators, visual designers, directors, production managers, sound designers and other animation professionals to add to our network of freelancers.

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